The SYNOT Group strengthens its position in Asia. Its own gaming technology has been equipped with the fifth casino. This time in the "Imperial City" Hué, where besides SYNOT VLT machines the electromechanical roulettes are located as well.

We are speaking about IMPERIAL GAME CLUB HUE Casino, which is located in a luxury hotel.

"The Asian market has its own specifics, however, our group operates in twenty countries all around the world, has many years of experience and is therefore able to adapt to any conditions and legislation," said Miroslav Valenta jr., Sales Director of the SYNOT Group, adding: "We are satisfied with our attendance in the Southeast Asia region. Our casinos and gaming technology is very popular among our clients. That is why, in the case of Vietnam, we have decided to strengthen our cooperation possibilities. Until now, we used to open a new casinos, equipped in 100% of our own gaming equipment only. However, IMPERIAL GAME CLUB HUE, is the first one within the Asian market, where we supply our machines into the existing casinos. This new method of cooperation opens to us a new possibilities with our business partners."

SYNOT already opened four casinos in Vietnam that are equipped with SYNOT VLT terminals and eventually with several gaming devices from other business partners. In addition, SYNOT continues to develop games that are designed exclusively for Asian clients.

SYNOT opened the first casino in Vietnam in 2015. In the autumn of 2017, SYNOT established a company called SYNOT SEA (SYNOT South East Asia) in Vietnam. The company is based in Ho Chi Minh City, which is the largest and most advanced city in the whole country.

A few months ago, SYNOT expanded into Cambodia, where the machines were supplied to the two luxury casinos in Sihanoukville. We are speaking about three series of VLT machines and roulettes.

About SYNOT Group:

These days, the SYNOT Group employs about three thousand employees and operates on almost every continent, approximately in twenty countries all around the world. Its business activities has in Europe, Africa, America, and also in Asia. In addition to the lottery industry and leading-edge IT technologies, software solutions and gaming devices also focuses on investments in tourism and sport, supports start-up projects, media activities and other business sectors. Its annual turnover is approximately 16 billion Czech crowns.


Mgr. Magda Pekařová, spokeswoman
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